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Here our stories and the latest updates about how our work is helping to improve society knowledge of COVID 19. The attention these articles draw is one of the best resources we have for recruiting the public to our cause. Take a look at our featured pieces below and let us know what you think about our efforts.

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Covid Survivor | FOX 29

PHILADELPHIA - Rodney Wescott finally headed home and reunited with his family after he came down with COVID-19 shortly before Thanksgiving 2020. A community welcomed a Southwest Philly man home Tuesday after a long battle with COVID-19.


Join Our Community Chat | Blog

Share your stories on our blog, leave tips on how to cope for your peers, connect with others who understand what you are facing, ask the experts your questions and get trusted information about breathing beyond COVID19.


Covid 19 Basics | Harvard Health

As we continue to learn more about coronavirus and COVID-19, it can help to reacquaint yourself with some basic information. For example, understanding how the virus spreads reinforces the importance of prevention measures. Knowing how COVID has impacted people of all ages may reinforce the need for everyone to adopt health-promoting behaviors. And reviewing the common symptoms of COVID-19 can help you know if it's time to self-isolate

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